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MS1820 chip products won the new product certificate in Anhui Province

Release date:2016/3/4

Independent research and development of high-definition digital multimedia display device (LCD) main control chip MS1820 products after 2014 November won the high-tech products in Anhui Province identified, through economic and Information Technology Commission of Anhui Province, Anhui Province new product appraisal committee audit through, has been identified as 2015, the third installment of the Anhui Province new product .
In by the Anhui Province Economic and Information Technology Commission organized and held the provincial new product appraisal meeting, the participating experts listened carefully to the report on the work of the identification of product to be, review of the relevant documents, the view of the samples and demonstration program. The questions and discussion, to give the product expert opinion: overall product technology reached the leading domestic level, agreed that high-definition digital multimedia display equipment (LCD) main control chip MS1820 products through the identification of new products.

Obtain the certificate of new products in Anhui Province, to further enhance the company's core competitiveness, increase new economic growth point for the development of enterprises. Companies will adhere to independent innovation, increase investment in R & D, and constantly introduce new technologies, new products.