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MacroSilicon was awarded the first batch of Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center

Release date:2016/3/10

Recently, MS was awarded the Hefei Municipal Economic and Information Technology Committee awarded the first Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center honorary title.
Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center is in Hefei Economic and Information Technology Commission to speed up the construction of the city's industrial design center, enhance the level of development of industrial design, promote the innovation of industrial economic transformation and upgrading and the establishment. Application companies need to build in the design center, the quality of the design team, has been authorized by the number of patents and other aspects of the strength of the outstanding, can successfully selected. To obtain the title of Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center enterprise, Hefei Economic and information technology committee will implement dynamic management, every two years to organize a review; city, county will give appropriate policy support, and priority to be recommended to apply for provincial and national industrial design center.
In 2010,Industrial Design Center of MS is established, according to the vision of enterprise development, enterprise culture and product positioning, determine the design standard of company products and style. At the same time, the company developed a design and development project management system, design center performance appraisal system and other system, ensure the design center work smoothly, to promote enterprise technological innovation activities. This award to enhance the overall strength of the company, to promote the construction of innovation system, which has an important significance to enhance the company's market influence and brand image.