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The 2016 Outdoor Training of Hefei MacroSilicon Technology Co.,Ltd. finished sucessfully

Release date:2016/2/2

     On January 29, 2016, the employees of Hefei MacroSilicon Technology Co.,Ltd. arrived in Chaohu, has launched a two-day outdoor training.
     The theme of the training was "Business focused" . The captain of each team selected their teammates to building the enterprise. This training carried out around the need of the enterprise growth, like team spirit, challenge consciousness and crisis consciousness.
     The training respectively seted up the "start from scratch", "come out on top",  "Return of the king" and so on. To guide us when faced a complex environmen to foster a positive mental attitude, pay attention to team cooperation, plan well and carefully, grasp effective methods and so on. We worked together to inspire  unlimited potential!
     This outdoor training has made everyone to further enhance the team cooperation consciousness, and deepen the understanding of corporate culture and identity.

     Looking forward to 2016, hope the whole team can sail through wind and waves!