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Encapsulation testing industry in Taiwan will be lost on the mainland advantage

Release date:2016/6/16

     According to the relevant IC industry experts pointed out that the intense price competition and market share of loss will become the norm in Taiwan testing industry, the main reason is that China's competition in recent years to increase investment in production capacity and technical aspects, so Taiwan testing industry may lose to China will be the next advantages of semiconductor industry.
     We have learned, in wafer foundry industry, semiconductor industry of mainland China will benefit from Taiwan in the purchasing trend, benefit from the Chinese government provides policy and financial support, at the same time China brand industry business when deciding the supplier order say also gradually improved.
     In terms of testing industry, fierce price competition and the loss of market share will become the norm in Taiwan testing industry, mainly in the IC industry in mainland China business investment in technology and production capacity, has a great increase, testing the IC design, become the next loss of Taiwan's semiconductor industry advantage of industry to mainland China.

     In mainland China in the first two big manufacturers long telegram testing technology and rich micro electric is supply chain on the geochemical and purchasing trend of the main beneficiaries. In IC design industry, although the second quarter of this year's strong earnings may push up share prices, but given the industrial structural problems and the popularity of the smartphone, IC design company operating transformation will face severe challenges.