MS2106 is a video & audio processor chip. It can convert CVBS&S-Video signals to USB signal. It can also covert audio signal to USB signal, USB Video signals follow UVC protocol, and USB Audio signals follow UAC protocol. MS2106 support both YUV and MJPEG mode. It can play or recorded Video and Audio signals through USB interface.  As the built-in MCU, extra software development is no need. MS2106 is compatible with Windows/ Andriod/ iMAC and other platforms through USB interface.


L Supports AV full format video input: NTSC and PAL

USB UAC output 48kHz stereo

Supports S-Video full format video input NTSC and PAL

On-chip 1T 8051 MCU

Automatic format & interface detection

On-chip ROM/RAM/IO/Timer

De-interlace/Scaler Module

Rom code included

Supports Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue adjustment

On-chip high speed USB function

Supports both MJPEG and YUV422

USB video followed UVC protocol

MJPEG mode output resolutions:

USB audio followed UAC protocol


Only one 12M crystal needed

640×480@25Hz/20Hz/15Hz/10Hz 480×320@25Hz

It can output 12.288M clock for external audio ADC

YUV422 mode output resolution:

On-chip 3.3V&1.2V regulator


On-chip power on reset

On-chip audio ADC

TQFP 48 (7mm×7mm)

Supports external audio ADC

PB-free and RoHS complain

Function Block Diagram