The MS7023 is a triple high speed, digital-to-analog converter on a single monolithic chip. It consists of three high speed, 10-bit, video DACs with a standard TTL input interface, and a high impedance, analog output current source. The MS7023 has three separate 10-bit-wide input ports. A single 3.3 V power supply and clock are all that are required to make the part functional. The MS7023 has additional video control signals, composite SYNC and BLANK.


200MSPS throughput rate

Supports various RGB input data formats

High quality 10-bit triple-DAC

DAC output current range: 2.0 mA to 26.5 mA

Single-supply 3.3 V operation

TQFP48 (7mm×7mm)

PB-free and RoHS compliant

Function Block Diagram