The MS8005 is a general-purpose 1T 8051 Core MCU. Under the same system clock, it runs faster and has better performance than the traditional 8051. The instruction code is fully compatible with the traditional 8051. It retains the main features of the standard 8051, including 256-byte RAM and 2 16-bit locators. The chip also integrates 2K bytes of external expansion RAM and 32K OTP ROM, and can realize in-application programming (IAP) functions. The chip integrates 12-bit ADC with digital comparison function, two serial ports with its own baud rate generator, 3 channels of 16-bit resolution PWM and other rich peripheral resources. MS8005 integrates RC oscillators (RC16M and RC40K), watchdog timer, power-on reset and low-voltage reset functions, thus eliminating the need for external crystal oscillators and peripheral circuits such as reset. MS8005 is a high-performance, low-cost, and highly reliable MCU.


1T 8051 Core MCU

Beeper generator

ROM: OTP 32KB (Support IAP & MTP)

Timers: T0/T1

Operating Voltage: 2.1~3.6V

All I/O ports support external interrupt

Internal high frequency RC oscillator: 16MHz


Internal low frequency RC oscillator: 40KHz


External clock input: 2-16MHz

PWM cycle interrupt

Crystal resonator: 2-16MHz

LVR (Low voltage reset)

16 bidirectional COMS I/O pins (built-in pull-up resistor)

Watchdog reset

2 16-bit timers: T0/T1

PIN reset

3 channels 16-bit PWM output

Built-in low voltage detection module

2 enhanced serial ports: EUART0/EUART1

Stop Mode: Typical current value 10μA

10 channels 12-bit ADC

Active Mode: <250μA/MIPS

Watchdog timer (WDT)

TSSOP20 (6.5mm×4.4mm)

Warm-up timer (used for power-on reset & interrupt wake-up, etc.)

PB-free and RoHS complain

Function Block Diagram