Embedded Software Development Engineer (Linux operation)

Position description

1. Responsible for the code preparation and technical document output of the project function module under Linux; 
2. Responsible for testing and functional verification of software project development module; 
3. Responsible for the bug finding and repair of software code; 
4. Participate in the overall architecture design of project software;
5. Writing software development documents, operating instructions and related materials.

Position requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication engineering, etc. 
2. A year of experience in Linux, C or C + + product development, proficient in advanced programming under Linux system; 
3. Familiar with Qt graphics system developers; embedded Linux system transplantation and building experience are preferred; 
4. Familiar with Linux shell script and able to complete simple scripting; 
5. Familiar with RTOS embedded operating system, such as threadxucosvxWorks; 
6. Have a certain software project analysis, architecture and management thinking; 
7. Excellent learning ability, logical thinking and strict problem-solving ability.

Please send your job application email to the following address: