Drive Control Engineer

Position description

1. Responsible for the design and development, debugging and coordination of the product (software and hardware) of CNC product motor drive and control system; 
2. Responsible for driving system performance test platform development and debugging; Write debugging procedures and procedures to guide test development drive control products; 
3. Product application plan formulation, evaluation and testing of driving control system; 
4. Guiding the production of products developed and developed; Technical support, system implementation and maintenance; 
5. Prepare technical specifications, documents, drawings, documents and records of the project. 

Position requirements

1. Major in electric power electronics, circuit, control engineering, electrical automation, etc. 
2. Experience in software, hardware design, development and commissioning of motor driven control system for more than three years; 
3. Proficient in digital circuit and analog circuit, master electronic product circuit and PCB design and development tools and related business knowledge; 
4. Be familiar with motor drive and control technology, DSP, CPLD and other circuit design and development; Familiar with IGBT modularized semiconductor products, encoder and servo, step and frequency motor working principle; 
5. Responsible, executive force, independent work and continuous learning ability, open attitude, good at cooperation and communication with others; 
6. Experience in development and development of CNC equipment and electromechanical device control system is preferred; 
7. Experience in internship experience and comprehensive ability interview will also be accepted. 

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