Technical Support Engineer

Position description

1. Responsible for the transplantation or development of company products based on STM, STC and hsi; 
2. Responsible for customer support and software maintenance; 
3. Maintenance, debugging and development of video related software according to customer requirements; 
4. Provide product improvement Suggestions and solutions according to product development situation; Writing relevant development documentation; 
5. Cooperate with Marketing Department to provide technical support for products

Position requirements

1. Major in electronics, computer, communication, automation, bachelor degree or above; 
2. Fresh graduates or 1-2 years of work experience; 
3. Familiar with the 8051MCU architecture, familiar with C language, and have a certain understanding of Linux and the development of Andrio system; 
4. Good professional quality and teamwork ability, communication and learning ability; Be able to accept travel arrangements; 
5. Understand video interface knowledge, and video processing related MCU development experience is preferred. 

Online application

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