Hardware Engineer

Position description

1. Responsible for program evaluation, device selection and BOM cost estimation of embedded hardware platform; 
2. Responsible for the schematic design of project application plan, providing Layout Guide and guiding Layout design; 
3. Manual welding and debugging of samples; 
4. Completed the test documents, production process technical document output and other relevant documents; 
5. Responsible for technical support of electronic products and applications, and corresponding solutions to hardware problems during production.

Position requirements

1. Major in electronics, computer, communication, automation, bachelor degree or above; 
2. Can independently complete the hardware architecture design, device selection and design implementation and commissioning of the products independently; 
3. Proficient in the EDA design software of Capture CIS, PowerPCB Protel; 
4. Good professional quality and teamwork ability, communication and learning ability; 
5. 8051 MCU development experience, one year or more relevant working experience is preferred. 

Online application

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