Senior Systems Application Engineer

Position description

1. Market research, formulate new product specifications for chips, and complete product development planning;
2. Product FPGA verification, chip prototype verification;
3. Completed the DEMO board, development board and volume production board of the product, including the project architecture assessment, device selection, cost accounting, schematic diagram, map layout and debugging, etc.
4. Completed the professional test certification of product system level;
5. Analysis and solution of system application problems;
6. Preparation of product related development documents;
7. Cooperate with Marketing Department to provide technical support for products.

Position requirements

1. Major in microelectronics, electronic information, computer, automation, bachelor degree or above;
2. Strong development ability of hardware and software system;
3. Excellent teamwork spirit, good communication, conscientious and responsible for work, proactive;
4. Creative, independent learning ability and able to work under pressure;
5.5 years experience in software and hardware system development;
6. It is preferable to have ADC, DAC, USB, HDMI, type-c and other audio and video processing experience.

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