Chip Verification And Software Development Engineer

Position description

1. Co-design and development of collaborative chip design engineers;
2. Responsible for Emulation simulation verification in chip design;
3. Responsible for Verification of Verification in chip design;
4. Responsible for developing the software drive of chip function module;
5. Responsible for the development of the SDK and Demo application of the overall function of the chip;
6. Responsible for the development of the upper computer software required in chip verification.

Position requirements

1. Major in electronics, computer, communication, automation, bachelor degree or above;
2.2 years experience in software development;
3. Familiar with the architecture of MCU (51, STM8, STM32) and familiar with C language;
4. Good professional quality and teamwork ability, communication and learning ability;
5. Can arrange project plan and maintain internal and external communication;
6. Working experience in chip design company is preferred;
7. Technical background of audio-visual video is preferred;
8. Experience on Windows platform will be a plus.

Please send your job application email to the following address: