Analog IC Design Engineer

Position description

1. Participate in the definition of chip, determine the overall structure of the analog circuit, and independently complete the modeling, design, simulation and verification of the circuit;
2. Write technical documents of analog circuits;
3. Planning layout, guiding and assisting layout engineers to complete layout design to ensure that the layout meets the requirements of circuit design;
4. Work with test engineers to develop test specifications and complete the test of chip analog circuits;
5. Assisted the application engineer and the field application engineer to solve the problems in chip production.

Position requirements

1. Microelectronics, electronic engineering related major, master of more than 3 years, more than 5 years of experience in analog circuit design;
2. Familiar with the design method of analog IC circuit, have a deep understanding of semiconductor devices and process processes, and have a good understanding of CMOS and BCD process.
3. Skilled use of analog circuit level design tools such as Cadence or Synopsys;
4. Have good teamwork ability, communication skills, learning ability and problem analysis and processing ability, and able to complete the set goals with the team members of the r&d team;
5. Have good English reading ability;
6. With multiple IC experience, ADC, DAC, PLL, Serdes and power management IC development experience are preferred.

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