Senior Digital Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

Position description

1. Participate in designing the digital circuit design specifications according to the project requirements;
2. Modular digital circuit with Verilog HDL;
3. Wrote the simulation test vector, conducted simulation verification of RTL, Pre and Post, and achieved functional index requirements (including design specifications, coverage, measurability, etc.);
4. Make comprehensive, formal verification of the modules, analyze the time sequence power consumption, and achieve performance index requirements (including power consumption, timing, area, etc.);
5. Other members of the collaborative project have completed the chip level and system-level simulation verification to achieve the chip success flow indicator (including the constraint and inspection of the back-end process);
6. Research and analysis of relevant agreements and algorithms;
7. Assisted the system personnel to complete the commissioning of the chip, until mass production, and some customer support work;
8. Assist the machine tester to complete the production of test vector and analyze the Fail IC;
9. Documentation of various stages of ASIC process.

Position requirements

1. Microelectronics, computer related major, bachelor degree or above;
2. Have more than 3 years of experience in design and development, and have experience in practical experience;
3. Familiar with Verilog design language, proficient in digital IC design and testing process;
4. Proficient in using Design Compiler, LEC (FM), PT, nLint, Verdi, VCS and other relevant EDA software;
5. Good professional quality and teamwork ability, communication and learning ability;
6. With Integration and FPGA verification experience, familiar with Synthesis, STA, LEC, Tape - out, FT, CP test process is preferred.

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