Java Trainer

Position description

1. Familiar with Java language, proficient in using Java technology to achieve B/S website production technology;

2. Proficient in writing SQL statements and using MySQL, Oracle11g database, one of them;
3. Skilled in using HTML and JavaScript to make web pages;
4. Proficient in using JQuery, ExtJS, Ajax and other technologies;
5. Skilled in Web development technology (JSP, Servlet, JDBC);
6. Master the Java core syntax based on the J2EE architecture (struts1, struts2, hibernate, spring);

7. Having training experience or having more than two years of actual development experience is preferred.

Position requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, above 25 years of age, computer or related major, with good knowledge of computer theory;
2, clear, fluent language, logical thinking is clear, have affinity, good at communication with students, can be easily understood, fully arouse the enthusiasm of students (note: the position of this article attaches great importance to);
3. Strong communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and keen on technical training.
4. Have teamwork spirit and strong learning ability.

Online application

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