Java Engineer

Position description

1、Responsible for design, development and reconstruction of key modules of company projects or products;
2. Responsible for solving technical problems encountered in technical implementation;
3. Responsible for the company's research and development projects to undertake and promote project management, and timely prepare project documents;
4. Assist the superior and other departments to complete the temporary work assigned.

Position requirements

1. Computer, electronic information technology, software engineering related major, bachelor degree or above, 5 years of development experience;
2.Proficient in web development technologies such as XML, json, webservice, etc.
3. Familiar with application servers such as weblogic and tomcat, familiar with installation and deployment and configuration on Linux、Windows system;
4. Be familiar with EJB, servlet, JSP, know AJAX, familiar with spring, struts, hibernate, spring MVC, mybatis and other open source frameworks;
5. Proficient in WEB page design and programming of HTML, HTML5, CSS and Javascript, familiar with the front-end frameworks of jquery, easy UI, etc.
6. Skilled in using large relational databases such as Oracle, mysql and DB2, with certain database design experience;
7. Master the UML and be proficient in any modeling tool, proficient in project and PowerDesigner tools;
8. Development and management of requirements research, demand design, detailed design, specification programming, system testing, document preparation, etc.
9. Strong business negotiation skills, good teamwork spirit and able to communicate and guide customers' needs;
10. Experience in enterprise performance testing, familiar with project management process is preferred.

Online application

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