The MS1836S is a single chip HD signal to CVBS/S-Video converter with embedded MCU and memory. It consists of HD receiver, NTSC/PAL encoder with 10-bit Video DAC for output, with 10-bit Audio DAC, integrated OSD function. It is capable of video enhancement, 3D noise reduction, brightness/saturation/sharpness and hue

adjustment, which can help the designer acquire the required video quality. No programming technology can help customers to reduce production cost and cycle.



  Support input resolution up to 4K@60Hz for YUV420
  Supports NTSC(J,M,4.43) and PAL(B,D,G,H,I,M,N,Nc,60)
  Support 8/10/12/16-bit color depth
  Support Industry-standard SPDIF output
  Input format auto detection
  Supports Compressed Dolby Digital, DTS digital audio Transmission
  Auto-mode Detection
  Supports sample rate at
  Auto Position (Blank) Detection
  32K/44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192K sample rate
  Independent horizontal and vertical scaling up and down from (1/8)x to 8x
  Support Analog Stereo Audio Output
  Frame rate conversion
  On-chip MCU
  Black/white level expansion
  On-chip ROM/RAM/IO/Timer
  Color transition improvement
  Internal ROM code and external MCU or EEPROM for customization
  Dynamic peaking
  On-chip power on reset
  Brightness, saturation, contrast and hue adjustable
  27MHz External Crystal
  10-bit triple-DAC for component video output
  QFN48 (7mm×7mm) 
  Supports CVBS and S-Video output
  PB-free and RoHS complain

Function Block Diagram