The MS7210 is an advanced HDMI transmitter compliant with HDMI 1.4b and 1.4b 3D specification, supporting input video format up to 4K resolution and 30Hz, with a high speed TMDS core running up to 300MHz. The MS7210 provides efficient color space conversion which can receive RGB or YCBCR video data and send video data in RGB or YCBCR format. The MS7210 supports HD audio transmission through IIS or SPDIF interface. SPDIF interface can support the transmission of compressed audio compliant with IEC61937 and that of High-Bit-audio with sample frame rate up to 768K.The MS7210 IIC slave address is decided by the SA pin. When SA pin is pull-up or floating, the slave address is 0xB2; when connected to GND, the slave address is 0x56.


HDMI 1.4b/DVI 1.0

Color space conversion

HDCP 1.4

Up/down sampling betweenYUV444 and YUV422

TMDS clock up to 300MHz

10/12-bit to 8-bit deep color conversion

HDMI 3D format

Four IIS interface output

High Bit AudioHBR format

IIS Channel swap

Internal HDCP engine

IIS sample rate up to 192KHz

Internal CEC engine

IIS Sample size up to 24 bit

Programmable EDID buffer

SPDIF output with PCM and compressed audio format

24-bit RGB/YUV444 format

IIC interface

8/10/12/ bit YUV422 format

27MHz External crystal

16/20/24 bit YUV 422 format

INT# Interrupt pin

DDR/SDR mode

Chip slave address selection

Channel swap and MSB/LSB swap

Widely voltage digital I/O from 1.8V to 3.3V

Support BT.601,BT656,BT.1120,BTA-T1004 digital format

1.2V Core Power

Support separate SYNC and embedded SYNC

QFN64 (9mm×9mm)

Support DE only mode

PB-free and RoHS complain

Function Block Diagram