The MS9331 is a HD retime IC that supports a signaling rate up to 3.0Gbps and I²S & SPDIF output. With 3.0Gbps capability, the MS9331 can support 4K@30Hz. The MS9331 equalizes incoming TMDS data with optimal quality regardless of the incoming signal quality. The highly acclaimed equalization technology provides for support of long or low-quality HD cables at even the highest speeds. Input terminations of the TMDS inputs and output current levels are both programmable. The chip also supports on-chip EDID Memory.


Support 4K@30Hz

Support 1 Port HD input,1 Port HD output

Support 4K@60Hz YCbCr420

Support I²S and SPDIF output

Audio output sample rate 32KHz---192KHz

Support all compressed and uncompressed audio format

Adaptive input equalization

Output Pre-emphasis

Support 10/12/16 bit Deep Color input/output

Automatically monitor HD input signal

Automatically monitor the status of HD output devices

Support 5V TTL DDC

Embedded EDID RAM saves external EDID ROM costs

No external crystal oscillations are required

QFN48 (6mm×6mm)

Function Block Diagram