The MS9601A is a HD 3 IN to 1 OUT switch which supports maximum signaling rate up to 3Gbps. With 3Gbps capability, the MS9601A can support 4K@30Hz video formats. It also integrates DDC and HPD switcher, which will switch with the corresponding TMDS channel at the same time The chip incorporates two voltage regulators to provide all necessary powers for normal operation. For flexible use, the operation mode of internal MCU with Rom code or external MCU can be selected. Supports up to 6 chip addresses for easy cascading of chips. The MS9601A equalizes incoming TMDS data with optimal quality regardless of the incoming signal quality. The highly acclaimed equalization technology provides for support of long or low-quality HD cables at even the highest speeds.


  Support 4K@30Hz
  Support external I²C control interface
  Support data rate up to 3Gbps
  Support IR and KEY
  3 HD Input port, 1 HD Output port
  Supports six selectable chip addresses
  Integrated input and output terminations
  Internal DDC/HPD switching
  Support DC and AC couple for both input and output ports
  Embedded voltage regulators for 5V to 3.3V & 1.8V
  Support input equalizer adjust
  LQFP-64 (10mm×10mm)
  Support output driver level adjust
  PB-free and RoHS complain
  Integrated MCU with Rom code

Function Block Diagram