The MS9601 is a 3-to-1 active switch featuring equalized TMDS inputs and low jitter TMDS outputs, targeted for ultra-high-resolution video networks based on HDMI1.4 standards. The MS9601 is a complete HDMI link switch that provides TMDS (4 channels per port), DDC (SCL/SDA) and HPD switching in a single-chip solution. It simplifies system level design for applications requiring multiple HDMI input ports. The MS9601 provides three HDMI input ports and one HDMI output port. The chip selects a single set of HDMI signals from the three HDMI input ports and generates fully compliant HDMI output signals. Input port switching is controlled by manual and automatic mechanism. I2C control is actualized through register programming. Integrated detection and switching circuits achieve automatic control. All these control methods take effect simultaneously. When an input port is selected, the TMDS inputs are connected to the TMDS outputs via a 3-to-1 multiplexer, the DDC interface of the selected input port is linked to the DDC interface of the output port, and the HPD signal of the selected input port follows the state of the HPD signal of the output port. The unused input ports are inactive with open input terminations, disconnected TMDS inputs to the outputs, isolated DDC channels, and the HPD outputs are kept low state. Each TMDS channel supports signaling rates up to 3Gbps. Receiver inputs are terminated with integrated active 50Ω resistors connected to VDD33. Back termination of output port is also provided for best signal integrity. Input equalization and output swing are programmable by registers in I2C control mode. This makes the pin control mode offer fairly rich options. However, in I2C control mode, advanced configurations can be set, more features are accessible, and internal statuses can be read. Also two optional I2C addresses facilitate multi-chip applications. The device incorporates two voltage regulators to provide all necessary powers for normal operation. Together with embedded sideband switches and internal pull-up/pull-down resistors, these components significantly reduce board area and BOM cost. Furthermore, low power operation eliminates the need for external power source in most applications, thereby enabling easy-to-use experience.


Compliant with HDMI1.4 specification

Dual control modes: pin control or I2C control

Supported data rate up to 3Gbps

Integrated 3-bit ADC for pin control

Integrated terminations for all input and output ports

Selectable I2C address

AC or DC coupling capable for both input and output ports

Input switching modes: automatic and manual

Programmable input equalization

Manual input switching by I2C

Input 5V power detection

Internal DDC/HPD switching

Programmable output swing

LQFP64 (10mm×10mm)

Embedded voltage regulators for 5V to 3.3V/1.8V

PB-free and RoHS compliant

Function Block Diagram