The MS1858E is a single chip for analog CVBS/S-Video to HD, which integrated with 9-bit ADC of video, 24-bit ADC of audio and advanced HD 1.3 transmitter.

MS1858E consists of 3D video decode, high performance OSD, DMC, video scalar and high speed analog switch. It also provides frame rate conversion and progressive scan conversion with de-interlace.

MS1858E can support master mode and slave mode. In master mode, MS1858E can be setup by internal MCU and ROM code, external EEPROM for customization. In slave mode, MS1858E can be setup by external controller through the I²C interface. Mode selected by the MCUSEL pin.


  Supports CVBS/S-Video
  Support OSD
  Double 9-bit Video ADC
  Support 24-bit RGB/YUV
  Sample rate up to 54MHz
  Support maximum resolution up to WUXGA
  Support analog input range:0.45VPP~1.1VPP
  Support HPD and DDC
  Internal LPF
  Support A/V mute
  Support AGC
  Support external RST signal
  Support L/R analog stereo input
  Internal POR and LVD
  Maximum input ampulitude:1.6VPP
  Internal MCU and ROM code
  Support 3D De-interlace and 3D TV Decode
  External EEPROM GPIOs for input and output switch
  Support H/V scaler
  Support IIC interface
  Support BSCH adjustment
  External 27MHz crystal
  Support color temperature adjustment
  3.3V and 1.2V power supply
  Internal test pattern
  QFN-48 (7mm×7mm) 

Function Block Diagram