The MS9604 is a HDMI video processor chip. It consists of 4 independent channel HDMI inputs and 4 independent channel HDMI outputs, also includes 1 channel I2S & SPDIF digital audio input or output. In all video input & output channels, it provides a high quality display output. The highest resolution supports 4K@30Hz. OEMs can easily design a low cost and high quality system solution by MS9604’s high integration and Software support.


4 independent channel for both input and output

Up to 4K@30Hz

Signal range: 500mV

HDMI 1.4 & DVI1.0

HDCP 1.4

Support extensive video format: CEA-861-F, VESA

Support RGB/YCbCr444/YCbCr422 color space

Support RGB/BT601/BT709 colorimetric standard

Support 8/10/12/16 bits color depth

Input video timing & info frame auto detection

Embedded programmable 512 bytes (maximum) EDID

Input HPD programmable & output HPD auto detection

Input auto EQ

Audio sample rate from 32KHz to 192KHz

Supports one channel SPDIF & I2S digital audio

Audio sample rate from 32KHz to 192KHz

HLQFP 216 (24mm×24mm)

3.3V/1.2V power supply

Function Block Diagram