The MS9291 is a low cost, low power semiconductor device that consists of HD receiver, 10-bit video Digital to Analog Converters, which can convert HD signal into VGA output at a maximum conversion rate of 200MHz. The HD receiver supports 1080P@60Hz. MS9291 with embedded MCU and supports internal EDID, which is easy to use


  Support input resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz 
  Support 8/10/12/16-bit color depth
  Input format auto detection
  10-bit triple-DAC for VGA analog video output
  Maximum analog sampling rate up to 200MSPS
  Supports analog output range: 0.7V (P-P)
  On-chip MCU
  On-chip ROM/RAM/IO/Timer
  Internal ROM code and external EEPROM for customization
  On-chip power on reset
  Internal RC and External Crystal option 
  Support EDID bypass
  QFN-48 (6mm×6mm) 

Function Block Diagram